6 benefits of being sexually active

6 benefits of being sexually active

According to a research carried out by sexologists, sexual relationships are based on physical contact between two or more people. The main goal of this is to give or receive pleasure, as well as reproductive purposes.

Many people feel ashamed of this type of relationship, especially those with more archaic thoughts. Increasingly, however, sexual activity is both natural and necessary. In addition, many campaigns promote this practice to make it safer; as well as to show the various benefits that this activity provides.

Just as there are campaigns, there are also different web portals, such as the adult classified portal Skokka, which give the possibility to enjoy a unique experience with a wonderful escort. Therefore, people who want to enjoy sex and all its benefits, no longer have excuses.

sexually active

1.  Sex strengthens the immune system

Sexually active people have a higher disease resistance and, as a result, suffer from illness on fewer occasions. This is because their immune system is strengthened, generating more antibodies than normal. Thus, their bodies are well protected against different viruses and germs.

There are studies, such as one validated by the WHO, that show that regular sex makes people have 30% higher immunoglobulin A levels. So having sex 1 or 2 times a week raises the levels of certain antibodies compared to those who have sex less often. This research explains why these people avoid colds and sniffles during the colder seasons.

2.  Sexual intercourse lowers blood pressure

Blood pressure is a matter of great concern, especially for the elderly. This is because it can cause blood circulation problems. However, there is evidence that shows that having sex, not masturbating, regularly is associated with lowering the blood pressure value when the heart contracts.

For this reason, the different hot London escorts who have this job as a profession have a better circulation system. Likewise, those couples who are sexually active tend to feel less fatigue throughout their lives.So if your partner does not want to have sex, tell him or her this reason and surely gives more arm to twist.

3.  It helps reducing stress

Sexual activity makes couples feel more relaxed, free of anxiety, and with much more self-esteem and happiness. Who has never had sex in an agitated situation and felt much better afterward?

It has been scientifically proven that sex, by reducing the cortisol hormone, decreases stress and anxiety levels. That is why it is recommended to have a love language based on caresses and cuddles, since hugging, touching, and kissing others makes them feel more relaxed, and calm, as when an escort decides to massage her date and be safe.

4.  Sex relieves pain

Did you know that orgasms can block pain? According to different studies, orgasms can paralyze pain, since during this activity a hormone is released that helps to raise the pain threshold of people. It has been proven that migraine, the perfect excuse for everyone who does not want to have sex, is relieved much earlier during sex. The same study also highlighted that vaginal stimulation without orgasm blocked back pain, menstrual pain, arthritis, and headache in women.

Similarly, the endorphins and oxytocins that are released during sex are a very strong and effective analgesic to combat different pains related to gynecology, traumatology or muscles. That is why people who have a sexually active life, such as a sexy Sydney escorts, always feel much better and, consequently, are happier.

sexually active

5.  Prevents some illnesses such as cancer

Contrary to all expectations, sex is a potent tool to protect people against some types of cancer. Among these, breast cancer and prostate cancer stand out. This is due to the secretion of hormones, such as DHEA and oxytocin, which protect against these types of diseases in particular.

For example, a study has shown, after studying the excretory sperm habits of thousands of subjects for almost two decades, that those who ejaculate at least 21 times a month have a lower risk of prostate cancer than those who do not reach this number.

6.  It promotes happiness

Practicing sex has benefits in all aspects of life, including mood and happiness. People who have an active sex life are more eager to keep living and to keep doing new things. They feel like communicating and expressing themselves, and what better way than by showing love or releasing tension during sex?

Sex, both as a couple and personally, improves communication and increases trust. This is due to the amount of pheromones that are released in the process. For this reason, people who have sex regularly, such as escorts, have more positive thoughts and more empowered attitudes.

In conclusion, sex is a natural and very important practice that should be practiced more often. It is good for both physical and mental health. For this reason, those people who have this type of relationship almost every day, feel much better and are eager for more.

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