The Importance of Being English with Asian Escorts

The Importance of Being English with Asian Escorts

Many people of Asian origins have trouble picking up English as a language and takes time. Escorts of Asian origins may also have similar problems, with language acting as a barrier; working against the person during their appointments. However, it is wrong to assume that all Asians do not speak good English. There are many well-educated women, with complete fluency in their language, who can do justice to your own vocabulary and language skills.

Understanding and empathizing with your escort is one way to deal with this problem. Imagine working in a new country with no language skills, and London can be frightening to many newcomers. Most Asians from such backgrounds do indeed have support groups available, with people who speak the same language, and many use appointments with their clients to improve their language skills.

Romantic interests

Many educated and well-reputed men go a step further to fall head over heels in love with the women. This is the exact opposite of hiring them to have a good time and can be quite worrying for many living in a foreign country. Whether the hired escort is compliant or not, for many, it is difficult to separate reality from their fantasy world. Escorts often use the funding for their education on the side, which is overshadowed by the obsessive fetishes that are prevalent in the industry

Paying customers

As a client, it is best to keep speaking to them in English, as most do understand, even if they are unable to formulate full sentences to express themselves better. Also, you can be certain that they are studying or working diligently to have better speaking and communication skills.

Confidentiality is important in business

Discretion and confidentiality are other reasons why opt to work. Having poor language skills translates to poor communication, be it with a client or employer, ensuring flexibility for the customers. Another reason is that most men who hire escorts may already be married and require confidentiality to be able to pursue the woman.


Asian escorts are widely popular as “submissive, man-pleasing, sex kittens”. Most Asians are reputed for their dedicated work in various fields, and this holds for escorting as well. Their excellent and exclusive service, exceptional in quality, and pleasing personality, as well as service, have understandably left men hankering for more.

Fetishes involving Asian women, where they are considered to be docile and unassuming, are falsely highlighted. Women, no matter their origins, like any other being are prone to highs and lows, and different personalities behave differently, giving no assurance that they will have the same docile and submissive behavior they are looking for unless they are willing to pay premium amounts.

The next time you browse a collection with Asian women, it is advisable to check with the agency about their language skills in terms of English speaking. Most agencies will highlight language barriers if that is an issue. Asian women are beautiful, sexy, and elegant and often make the best companions, be it for traveling or erotic pleasures with a man.

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