Top 7 Tips When Asking For A Happy Ending Massage

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“How do I ask for a happy ending massage?” is a common question that many people want to know when they’re looking for an erotic massage. Many massage parlours are happy to offer this service, while others don’t want to know. Trying to broach the subject with your masseuse can be uncomfortable, especially when you don’t want to offend anyone. So, how can you guarantee a hand job without confusion? Here, we’ll reveal our top tips for asking for a happy ending with your massage.

First, it helps to know what a happy ending massage is. Essentially, a happy ending is stimulation of the erogenous zones which accumulates in an orgasm. While every gender can benefit from this, it’s mostly a service tailored towards men. Now you know exactly what occurs, here are some handy tips for pursuing a happy ending massage.

1. See how your massage goes

You’ll probably gain a sense of if you’re going to get a happy ending by the actual massage itself. If your masseuse starts to work towards your genital area, then it’s a good bet that they’ll be happy to provide this service. In this case, you can discreetly ask at the end of your massage. If your masseuse avoids this area, then a happy ending may be off the menu. The best advice here is to ask if they provide this service. If they refuse you can just leave. If they do provide happy endings, it’s wise to ask what the fee is for this. You can then say you want to proceed.

2. Never explicitly ask

If you’re in a traditional massage parlour, never explicitly ask for a happy ending. Not only could this make the situation extremely uncomfortable, but you could risk offending the massage girl. Remember that what you’re asking for isn’t prostitution. While many people already know this, you have to assume that some don’t. In other words, don’t blurt out your request!

3. Respect the boundaries

Another big no-no is to avoid touching your masseuse. Not only does this risk upset, but it can also be frightening for the masseuse. Respect their boundaries unless they explicitly say that you can touch them. Let them take the lead in the massage and only ask when it’s the correct time to do so.

4. Bring extra money

If your masseuse is pleased to give a happy ending, they’re going to expect extra cash. You’re not going to know how much until the time comes so don’t be afraid to ask for their price. Carrying extra cash ensures you’re prepared. It also helps if you give an extra sweetener in the form of a tip. After all, if you enjoy the experience, you’re probably going to return, and the masseuse will remember you if you give generously.

5. Be subtle

Be subtle with your language when asking. For example, if your masseuse asks if you are feeling relaxed after your massage, you can always say that you have the potential to feel more relaxed. See if you can detect any forms of euphemism in their voice. You’ll likely be able to tell if you’re going to get your happy ending from the situation.

6. Consider where you are

Are you getting a massage at a high-end, luxury hotel? Then, the chances are that you probably won’t receive a happy ending. You can undertake a wide range of massages from varying professionals so you can’t expect to just walk into any massage and get a happy ending. The most likely scenario to experience a happy ending is with an Asian or tantric massage. Asian massage parlours have more relaxed rules around happy endings. While it’s not guaranteed, many establishments are more likely to accept a little request at the end of a massage. On the other hand, tantric massage is pretty much an anything-goes scenario. So, if you’re exploring the idea of having a tantra treatment, you can experience a happy ending without the fear of being chased out of the room.

7. Stay composed

Try and keep your composure until the end of the massage. Getting aroused or exposing yourself to your masseuse could get you quickly escorted off the premises. Instead, keep it cool and wait until the very end before you make any mention of happy endings.

Approach your masseuse with confidence

Now you’ve read our top tips for asking for a happy ending with your massage, you can be confident about approaching your masseuse. Remember to think about your surroundings, and your massage girl’s body language and to be subtle with your approach. As long as you don’t go into the massage parlour with all guns blazing, you’ll be completely fine.

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Erica Suarez-Hillingdon is a sex therapist and expert on everything related to tantra, tantric sex, and tantric massage. She is the editor at Karma Tantric, London’s premier tantric massage agency and writes about how tantra can help men, women, and couples improve their sex lives.

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